10 Of The Greatest, Strangest Subway Ads Of All Time


This week was not a good one for MTA advertising, with bigoted new ads describing Muslims as “savages” going up in 10 stations, sparking worries over retaliation, immediate vandalism, and a quick, contentious MTA meeting in which the organization changed its standards for acceptable advertising.

These are not the inexplicable-but-mostly-innocuous kind of subway ads we know and love. When it’s not being used for pointless, destructive hate-mongering, the subway, with its surprisingly cheap ad rates (reportedly it only cost $6,000 to run the 10 new ads), is home to some of the best, weirdest regional advertising out there.

In lieu of giving more attention to a terrible, publicity-grabbing campaign, what better time to take a (biased and unscientific) look at some of the most bizarre and most beloved ads that have plastered our trains over the years:



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