This Bay Ridge Massage Parlor Might Just Be A Brothel

Bay Ridge is already being overrun with hipsters (who don’t, in fact, exist in the real world), but could it be that the neighborhood is now home to sex masseuses (or sex masseurs)? It very well could!

The Brooklyn Paper investigates:

“Residents living on Bay Ridge Avenue between Narrows Avenue and Owls Head Court claim that the masseuses at Blue Ocean Spa practice the dark arts of massage — claiming that the facility’s clouded windows, late hours, and all-male clientele is all the proof they need.”

And, it’s true, the majority of locals seem to concur that Blue Ocean Spa is, at the very least, super super sketch. The company, which keeps its windows frosted and stays open until 11, denies any wrongdoing, and a manager said, “We just do massage and acupuncture, nothing sexual.”

A local ex-cop has been monitoring the situation closely, however, and told the paper, “Their clients come down the street, looking this way and that way like they’re trying to find something, acting all innocent, then — bam! — they’re inside.” He also added that it seems the women working in the spa live there, since employees are never seen entering or exiting the building.

“Bam” indeed!

For now, the local Community Board District Manager has passed along complaints to the police, who have yet to comment on this developing story. All we can say with 100 percent certainty at present is that the neighborhood is definitely, irreparably ruined.

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  1. Unrelated question: Why hasn’t Henry Stewart been in the office lately? There’s a rumor that he has “a fever.” But from what? From whom? Hopefully, he’s home in Bay Ridge, recovering.

  2. “All we can say with 100 percent certainty at present is that the neighborhood is definitely, irreparably ruined.” Well that’s just a stupid comment now. Isn’t it?

  3. Virginia, sounds like you need to do an inside investigative report and investigate this brothel on behalf of your Brooklyn readers.


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