Feltraiger’s New Line: RatMouth

Recently, NYC-based (but Brooklyn-bred) label Feltraiger launched its Fall ’12 RatMouth line which, with its slew of graphic pieces, evokes a youngish Feltraiger look. RatMouth’s new t-shirt series is infused with a gnarly LA meets NYC vibe.

Feltraiger also just gave us Camp caps; with only 3-7 pieces per model, we expect to see the print-heavy headgear to go fast. Their tight floral-pattern piece has got some spunk, but our absolute favorite: the Dada-esque lobster print. The collection also includes some simpler denim and cotton pieces. And even if we weren’t high school football heroes, we’re pretty excited to get our hands on RatMouth’s orange and cream-styled varsity jacket.

Both brands are available at their shop on the LES.


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