Strollers With iPod Docks, Security Systems Now Available In Brooklyn


As if we haven’t already brought you enough extremely helpful parenting info today, now there’s news that a local inventor is customizing swag strollers, with features including iPod docks, GPS, safety lights, and a security alarm.

“It entertains the child and uses lights to prevent drivers from injuring mothers,” explained Canarsie resident Bruce Fraizer, who got the idea for the add-ons after colliding with a woman and her stroller on the sidewalk at night. “It’s a valuable infant accessory,” he added.

The stroller, which will go on sale sometime this winter with a $250 price tag, will also include a sound system, cup holders, and LED lighting.

We will refrain from tired jokes about strollers in Brooklyn, and let you do with this information what you will.

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