20 Must-See Events at the Brooklyn Book Festival!

It’s that special time of year again, the time when all of Brooklyn Lit’s luminaries gather to talk about books. And more books. And even more books. But how do you decide what to go see when the choice is between hearing Emma Straub talk about her new novel or seeing Tony Danza conversing with Marty Markowitz? That’s the kind of Sophie’s Choice (now there’s a great Brooklyn book) you’re faced with at the Brooklyn Book Festival. So we’ve tried to help you by choosing our 20 Must Sees this year. It wasn’t easy, but we did it.

Who are we kidding, though? We weren’t able to choose between Straub and Danza. So they’re both on here and you’ll have to decide for yourselves. Good luck. And enjoy! September 23rd is going to be a great day for Brooklyn Lit!

We also had the chance to talk to Johnny Temple, founder of Akashic Books, an independent publishing house based in Gowanus, and also, the Council Chair of the Book Fest. He told us what he’s looking forward to seeing and why Brooklyn is an amazing place to be involved in the literary world.


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