Greenwood Park Bar Bans Kids Past 4 p.m., Parents Are Livid


  • Pearl Gabel/New York Daily News

In the ongoing power struggle between committed drunks, committed parents, and the likely demographic overlap thereof, parents in Greenwood Heights are up in arms over Greenwood Park’s recent decision to ban kids from the premises after 4 p.m.

“Four is too early for sure,” said one local mom of the 13,000-square-foot beer garden. “It pretty much means that they don’t want us here with kids.”

The bar has confirmed that yes, that’s exactly what it means, due to complaints from teachers at the four large schools near the bar, who aren’t exactly thrilled about seeing their young pupils at happy hour. “They are surrounded by children all day,” explained owner Diane Vasilakos. “They don’t want to also see them here.”

Parents, however, accuse these teachers of merely wanting a safe environment to get wasted without parents and kids taking notice, and one mother told the Daily News, “Some of them get very sloppy.”

As neither a teacher, parent, patron of kid-friendly bars, or child who has to kill time in a beer garden while mommy and daddy have fun, I don’t really have a horse in this race. It would be terrible not to be able to get a drink anywhere just because you decided to procreate, but given that kids can’t buy drinks, it doesn’t seem too out of whack for a bar to focus on the needs of its adult patrons instead.

For now, Vasilakos says that the rule could change if it’s not working out, so there’s still hope for the neighborhood’s beer-loving parents. Maybe they can settle this beef with the teachers over a cold drink?

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  1. It’s like people are yelling at eachother “HEY I WANT TO DRINK TOO; But I don’t want you or your kids to see me drunk” “Then don’t get sloppy drunk.” “Don’t bring your kids to the bar and maybe I will do so” “I rather spend the babysitting money on another pitcher of beer than on a 16 yearold to half ass watch my kid. I HALF ASS WATCH HIM JUST FINE.” “I’m telling the bar on you.” < That's what I imagine happened in Brooklyn this past weekend.

  2. Good. Kids should never be in a bar. Ever. Period. I swear, there should be a licensing course to become a parent. Why don’t you take your kids to the casino, too, while you’re at it? Or the strip club? Bars are for adults, where adults can do adult things like get drunk, and talk about adult things without having to worry about ruining children’s innocence with depraved stories full of foul language.

    My drunk friends and I don’t show up at the playground and hog the swings. Don’t bring your kids to the bar.

  3. Have children, taught for 25 years , love children and also feel adults have a right to have social time sans children bars are not meant to be children’s playgrounds


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