Cobble Hill Candy Store Hires Heavy Security to Protect Its Jellybeans

Dont steal the candy! Or the OOmpa-Loompas will get you.

  • Don’t steal the candy! Or the OOmpa-Loompas will get you.

Apparently nothing is sacred anymore. Not even candy. NOT EVEN POP ROCKS. Oh, what a world.

The Daily News has an exclusive story about the Brooklyn candy store that has been victimized by both individual thieves and “flash mobs” whose malevolent actions have led The Sugar Shop to hire “burly security guards” in order to prevent any more theft. As Troye Pryor, owner of the First Rate security firm says, “Times are different. It’s rough out there.”

The News reports that “the owners of the Baltic St. business, Jennifer Bischoff and Sara Houchins, opened five months ago not expecting the store – which mainly sells high-end $9 chocolate bars and $10.99 per pound jelly beans and gummies – to become a consistent crime target.” But that is exactly what has happened. So, in come the security guards! And, no, they are not Oompa Loompas! These are big guys, tough guys. Guys who are “not here to muscle the kids,” but ARE “here to scare them a little bit.”

Hopefully, this will be enough to deter future thieves. And if not, thieves should listen to the wise words of 8-year-old girl Jordan Albizo, who says, “I want the candy. Stop stealing all the candy.”

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