Amelia Earhart: Lost in Brooklyn?

It’s been 75 years since Amelia Earhart vanished over the Pacific Ocean, but the mystery that shrouds her disappearance persists. Earhart was a pioneer, known for her airborne exploits, wide grin, and perpetually sun-kissed face. And then she was gone. Decades of searching have turned up bones, engine parts, a small vial of freckle-removal cream, but no clear signs that Earhart survived. It’s as if she sailed into the sky and just kept going. She is everywhere and she is nowhere, but it’s impossible to stop looking for her. Find her and you solve the mystery. Find her and you understand everything. So the search goes on.

Above: Helmut Lang leather jacket
Kaelen silk printed blouse
Billy Reid scarf
Vintage head piece and goggles

Photos Jody Rogac
Photo Assistant Amanda Hakan
Styling Julie Brooke Williams
Styling Assistant Devon McLaughlin
Producer and Prop Stylist
Lauren Schaefer for Production-11
Production Assistant Ciara Petruna
Make-Up Allie Smith using MAC Cosmetics
Hair Siobhan Benson
Model Caitlin Frame
Location Bayport Aerodrome


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