10 Standouts From Last Weekend’s TASTE Williamsburg Greenpoint


We’ve been to more than a few tasting events in our day, and for every gleefully gluttoness, sunshiny smorgasbord, there’s an overpriced, asses to elbows clusterfuck with anemic samples and empty chafing dishes by the time you finally reach the front of the line.

Happily, TASTE Williamsburg Greenpoint has always been one of the good ones, and gets better every year. Spaced block party-style across the Williamsburg waterfront, it offers the opportunity to sample (occasionally full meal) sized bites and generously poured alcoholic beverages from over forty of North Brooklyn’s best eateries, all for a noble cause — proceeds help fund the build-out of the Northside Town Hall Community and Cultural Center.

We were definitely pushing maximum density (and more than a little tipsy) by the end of the afternoon, but these ten excellent restaurant tastes still lingered in our memories.

All Photos Sarah Zorn


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