Working-Class Hero: The Utilitarian Fashion of Present-Day Brooklyn

Featuring Bradley Soileau and Coal

The utilitarian ideals of the early 20th century are alive and well in Brooklyn: men and women of the borough seem to love nothing more than getting their hands in the dirt of a rooftop farm or spending the day working a table-saw or blowing glass. As Brooklynites rediscover the honest joy of manual labor and the simple pleasure of making something by hand, nostalgia gives way to the reality of the present moment: as the sleeves get rolled up, the tattoos come out. (And though Bradley Soileau’s most famous four-and-a-half minutes of work is in that Lana Del Rey video, he’s a lot more than pretty face.)

Photos Clément Pascal
Styling Lilli Millhiser
Grooming Jacob Sherwood
Stylist Assistant Cathleen Peters

Working-Class Hero from BROOKLYN MAGAZINE on Vimeo.


  1. Offensive? You’re ridiculous. Why would a picture of a hot guy and a short article about how kids in Brooklyn like to get dirty offend you?


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