Manhattan Daycare Charging $350 To Leave Kids Unattended


Because it wouldn’t be a regular day in New York without a new, totally insane trend in child-rearing, one brave Manhattan woman has launched a new daycare program. In which she promises to abandon your children in Central Park for the low, low price of $350.

This indisputably foolproof idea comes to use from “free-range kids movement” founder (and hated mommy blogger) Lenore Skenazy, who, instead of supervising the children in Central Park’s Ancient Playground near 85th st., will be relaxing “nearby, at a Starbucks.”

While Skenazy admits that she tacked on such a high price tag to the 90-minute “class” to “cause a stir,” she’s also a vocal advocate for the importance of “self-regulation” and the damage inflicted by helicopter parenting, which aren’t such inherently preposterous ideas, taken on their own.

Plus, she points out, Central Park has a super low crime rate these days, so what could go wrong? Nonetheless, parents will be required to sign a waiver beforehand just in case — safety first, of course!

At present time, absolutely no one has signed up.

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