Inside Park Slope’s Best New Bakery


The name may be Du Jour, but Park’s Slope’s newest bakery doesn’t peddle in trends — unless you count a couple of cupcakes, a high-end pop tart, and an omnipresent array of day-glow macarons. Instead, the sweet shop’s straightforward mission statement is to turn out carby, sugary basics really, really well (everything, including the croissants, is made in-house daily). Do you know how freaking time-consuming it is to make puff pastry from scratch?

Amazingly, that commitment to perfection hasn’t appeared to affect the bottom line — most items, like bacon maple scones, brown butter rice krispie treats, strawberry mousse and pain au chocolate — cost three dollars or less. Do you hear that, Park Slope commuters? You’ll never have to start your day with a Starbucks factory-line sweet roll or microwaved Dunkin Donuts egg sandwich again!

365 5th Ave, (347) 227-8953


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