Robin Williams Filming At Book Court This Morning, Really Loves Book Court


Here’s a totally unnecessary scoop for you: Robin Williams — of Jumanji, Patch Adams, and Mrs. Doubtfire fame — was seen filming outside Book Court this morning, presumably for his upcoming project The Angriest Man in Brooklyn.

And, an employee tells us he was very, very enthusiastic about the location.

“He came in in being Robin Williams: ‘I LOVE independent bookstores. Every time I see one I HAVE to go in. I’m like FUCK,'” one staffer tells us.

Which, you know, there are really much worse things to be crazily enthusiastic about.

Film crews reportedly moved away from the store a little after 10 this morning, but are still set up further down the street. We trust that you’re mature enough not to stage a run-by fruiting.

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