Vito Lopez’s Sleazy Office Dress Code Emerges


You didn’t really think we’d go another day without more sordid details from the unfolding Vito Lopez scandal, did you? Of course you didn’t.

Today, we learn that in addition to the $103,080 of taxpayer money quietly paid off to two victims of Lopez’s habitual sexual harassment in the workplace, the Brooklyn Assemblyman gave them each an extra $32,000. For the time being, it’s unclear whether the payment was out of pocket or drawn from campaign funds and other outside resources.

Also, five more women have come forward to complain about the 71-year-old Democrat’s treatment of female staffers.

According to several separate accounts, Lopez’s office fostered a culture of harassment, and he frequently requested that staffers wear short skirts, high heels, expensive jewelry he’d insisted they buy, and, of course, no bra whenever possible.

Well, wait. That’s all pretty normal, isn’t it? No? Fuck. Should I go talk to HR? I should probably go talk to HR.

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