What Could Go Wrong: FreshDirect Plans Bike Deliveries

Much less efficient than a bike.

  • Much less efficient than a bike.

Sources say that the grocery delivery titans over at FreshDirect are considering the possibility of shifting some of their deliveries to bike messengers, a plan that could be tested as early as next month.

Reportedly, the company has run into numerous complaints about the noise caused, and space taken up by its massive trucks, and will likely introduce its pilot bike delivery program in Midtown. In preparation for the switch, employees attended a recent forum on the city’s new set of rules for wayward delivery cyclists.

For the time being the company hasn’t commented on rumors other than to say “We are constantly looking for ways to go green so we’re open to this idea as well as others,” perhaps the least conclusive statement that could possibly be made about this.

It actually doesn’t sound like a terrible idea — we’re all for going green, not annoying the neighbors, etc. etc. — but who actually places FreshDirect orders that are small enough to fit on the back of a bike? Isn’t lack of access to large vehicles with trunk space the main reason people use it to begin with?

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