Campbell’s Loves Hipsters, Launches a Line of Soups Just for Them (Us?)


If I were on the marketing team for a new line of Campbell’s soup geared towards hipsters, I would pitch the tag line “Mmm Mmm meh”— because we hipsters are apathetic, geddit?!— which is something that Campbell’s has to think about, now that they’ve launched a line of soups geared towards hipsters. With the goal of reshaping their “U.S. soup strategy,” brand reps visited Austin, Portland and San Francisco to scope out the food truck scene and even go organic produce shopping with young people (“Who’s this guy? Oh, that’s Phil. He’s here to watch us buy carrots”), after which they returned to company headquarters in Camden, New Jersey with ideas for flavors like “chicken and quinoa with poblano chiles” and “coconut curry with chicken and shitake mushrooms.”

Seriously excited young people wearing plastic-framed glasses grace the packages (in microwaveable bags, for the college crew) of the new Go! Soups line, standing in for Campbell’s iconic red-and-white can labels. Because young people rule the world and tomato soup apparently doesn’t.


  1. The comments on that story are hilarious–people took the time to complain about the cost of a can of soup. Get off the computer grandpa! I might eat this hipster soup just to piss them off.


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