Wine Spritzers Are Cool Now, Says New York Post


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This just in from the arbiters of all things cool over at The New York Post: wine spritzers are hot right now.

They even drink them in Brooklyn! And no, these aren’t your aunt’s signature Sunset-Blush-and-Diet-Sprite combo. These are $12 drinks, with muddled fruits and confusing syrups, of course.

But still watered down wine, because they are spritzers.

The Post spoke with Matthew Hamilton, owner of Fort Greene’s Lulu & Po and “burly, tattooed spritzionado,” who said, “We were surprised that people drank as many as they did,” adding that the spritzers are “awesome!” and “Americana.”

But still, watered down wine, because they are spritzers.

Nevertheless, the trend is gaining momentum, and the Post writes that “the once-mocked drink — rooted in ’80s housewife folklore and bemoaned as a beverage for elderly teetotalers and middle-aged cheapskates — is having its NYC moment [enjoyed by everyone] from bro-ish bankers to downtown party kids to Vilebrequin-loving prepsters.”

In spite of the fact that the drink is a spritzer and thus consists of watered down wine, bars all over Manhattan and Brooklyn are adding inventive seltzer-wine combos to the menu, including the Bourgeois Pig, which now has them on tap.

You can’t stop progress, I guess, but I refuse to believe that New Yorkers would really pay good money for what we all know to be watered down wine when you could get more bang for your buck and be drunker, sooner with almost any other possible beverage choice. Has the recession taught us nothing at all? Are we truly so callous? I need to process this whole disaster over a spritzer.

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