A Snake Grows In Bushwick: A Giant Albino Python, Specifically


  • Meredith Hoffman / DNAinfo

If you live in Bushwick and feel generally safe, you can check that positive, healthy attitude at the door, mister.

You are sharing your neighborhood with a 15-foot albino Burmese python.

DNAinfo reports that local resident Clifton Smith has been housing this 12-year-old hell beast named Venom for some time now, and she lives in harmony with all his other pets — 2 pit bulls, a cat, and an Arowana fish.

“My animals are my kids,” Smith said. “The snake doesn’t bother the dog, the dog doesn’t bother the snake, they just walk right over each other.”

Apparently, they even like to watch while Smith administers her biweekly feedings of live rabbits and chickens.

“I know her temperament, she’s calm and cool except when she’s hungry,” said Smith, who added, “She loves to come out and exercise when it’s warm.”

Hmm, well I guess this sounds kind of nice and not menacing… even though they have the power to crush an adult human, pythons aren’t actually venomous, and rescuing animals is a good thing to do.

But still, giant snakes in the neighborhood? Can’t we leave that to the professionals over at, say, Cobra Club? Eh? Ehhh? Leave me alone, it’s Monday.


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