The Coney Island Aquarium Is Gonna House A Ton Of Sharks


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Shark Week 2012 may be over, but no need to cry into your pillow, guys: at the Coney Island Aquarium, things will soon be Shark Life, 24/7, 365. Real hardcore like that.

City Officials went public yesterday with plans for the aquarium’s $150 million renovation, and they’re very, very cool. And shark-intensive.

A complex called “Ocean Wonders: Sharks!” is set to house a 500,000 gallon tank with 100 different species of sea beasts including sharks, sting rays, and sea turtle sharks, which I’m only just hearing of for the first time ever as I write this.

Now, this won’t be ready until 2015, so in the meantime, let me slip you some hot shark info to hold you over: sometimes you can see them at Coney Island anyway, 500,000 gallon tank or no. Like the time I was swimming there and realized there was shark in the water with me! Man that was scary. Turned out it was an ailing baby sand shark making its way to shore to die, but when you’re in the water and see fins, you don’t know that shit!

Anyway, an old Russian lady threw it back into the water and that was that, but the point is, it could happen to you, too! Or you could play it safe and just wait for the aquarium’s grand re-opening. Your call.

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