Happening This Weekend: Potluck At The Dekalb Market For All You Foodie Types


Do you like food? And friends? And sunshine?

Good, it’s settled then.

You’ll be at the Dekalb Market on Sunday for Feastly’s inaugural New York potluck meetup.

The concept for Feastly, and the potluck itself, is perfect in its simplicity: connecting people who love to cook, people who love to eat, and dare we say people who like to do both for epic meals in cities across the country.

This weekend’s Cooks Meetup — taking place from 6pm to 9pm at the Market on 138 Willoughby St. — is particularly special since it’s the first of its kind that Feastly’s thrown in New York. And who doesn’t love getting credit for having been in on something since the very beginning?

So RSVP on the meetup website for information about quantities, make your most impressive, hopefully butter-laden dish in bulk, go forth, and feast.

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