Today’s Storm Is Wreaking Havoc in Brooklyn. HAVOC! [Updated]

Today’s thunderstorm has claimed its second casualty (the first, of course, being tonight’s planned Empire Records SummerScreen): a huge tree was felled in the McGolrick dog run, smashing into the gate (but thankfully no people or pups).

“I just watched a three story tree crack and fall right into the gate,” wrote in Tim Soter, who also sent the above image of the wreckage. “Someone has a lot of chainsawing to do before any dogs get back in for a run.”

And yes, it does seem the tree won that particular altercation with the fence. We’ll add updates as we get them, but in the meantime, maybe don’t go to any parks until this weather calms down a bit?

[Update] We’re calling it now, the mighty derecho and Hurricane Irene combined couldn’t stand up to SuperStorm 2012, as today’s thunderstorm will henceforth be known.

First there was SummerScreen, then the McGolrick Park tree, and now Gawker reports that Brooklyn is flooding, even in landlocked Bushwick!

Hide everything, buy everything, this one’s gonna be a doozy. Also it’s a pretty slow news day, but still, stay safe out there!

[Update] And a bolt of lightning hit the New York Times building? We know that’s not in Brooklyn, but still, what is even going on here?!

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