Downtown Brooklyn Needs More Bikes, Says Marty Markowitz


  • New York Dailynews

Ever attuned to his demographic, Brownstoner reports that Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz has issued recommendations that available bike parking downtown expand, while restrictions requiring buildings to provide a certain number of parking space for cars be loosened.

The recommendation, which Markowitz sent to the City Planning Commission and City Counsel, also included suggestions for creating more affordable housing in the Downtown area as well as incentives for developers to cater to what he diplomatically calls “maturer” residents.

“As Downtown Brooklyn and its demographics change, so do its parking needs,” said Markowitz. “My recommendations take into account the diverse concerns of stakeholders in Downtown Brooklyn, from developers and residents to cyclists and car owners. And despite erroneous claims from critics that my office doesn’t advocate enough for the bicycle community, here is a case where I used my ULURP [Uniform Land Use Review Procedure] authority to call for more parking for bikes in parts of the special Downtown Brooklyn District.”

So in case that isn’t clear, Marty really wants you to know that he’s a supporter of bikes. A lot. Which is great! He’ll get no arguments from us on this one.


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