D’Emploi Brooklyn About to Release Camper Caps


D’Emploi Brooklyn developed a following thanks to its sturdy, locally sourced bags (the sailcloth comes from boatyards in the Bronx, waxed canvas via New Jersey fabric mills). But with designer Kyle Mosholder busy with various collaborations and projects—most recently, a day pack for motorcycle maker Hammerhead—releasing a few new pieces has become an event.

So mark your calendars and get near a computer: Today, D’Emploi launches camper caps in both waxed and ripstop canvas. Each features a bit of leather detailing, and all are made in the USA. They are, as Mosholder explains, “of extremely limited supply,” so follow D’Emploi on Twitter to know exactly when they land.

Or, be gutsy and wait; as the designer promises, “This will be the first of many small releases over the next month or so.”



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