Brooklyn’s Best Boozy Shakes


If you’re still in the city during these sweltering, apocalyptic, dog days of summer, we’re guessing you’re sweaty, chafed, and in need of a stiff drink.

And what better way to solve this problem than a nice, creamy milkshake. With tons of booze in it! Plus, you know, tons of calcium, for you squares who worry about that kind of thing.

Anyway, as longtime fans of this children’s-treat-turned-cocktail, we were excited to hear that Bushwick’s latest bar, Alaska, has pouring bourbon milkshakes in its dimly lit alcove off the Morgan stop.

Co-owner Skylar Insler explained that the idea took shape around a 50s and 60s DJ night, and will be a staple of the bar’s drink menu as soon as they’re outfitted with a proper in-house freezer — so far they’ve had to make do with dry ice.

Besides regular freezer access, the real trick, apparently is getting the ratios right. “It’s actually really delicate,” Insler said, “because bourbon’s so strong. The key thing we realized was adding a little bit of vanilla extract. That mixes well with the bourbon, which tends to have natural vanilla flavors already. That was the key ingredient.”

Armed with this knowledge, we think you’re now ready to go out and sample all the very best booze shakes Brooklyn has to offer. Click through for our favorites, and think about all the fun, alcoholic brain freeze that lies ahead of you.


  1. Nice article, guys. Also photos. I assume Virginia took them all as she’s not indicating any photo credit anywhere?
    PS: if someone used your writing without crediting you, you’d call it plagiarism, right? i thought so. please pay some respect to photographers and give them credits at the very least….


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