Smorgasburg Smackdown: How to Choose Between Competing Vendors

For devoted locavores and rabid foodies, Smorgasburg is an embarrassment of riches — a confluence of established restaurants (Buttermilk Channel, Mile End, Egg), beloved trucks and pop-ups (Red Hook Lobster Pound, Bep, Choncho’s Tacos), and starry-eyed upstarts with little more than a good recipe, a flat top, and a dream — all battling for your business by serving up some of the best street eats around. Inevitably it raises a conundrum, especially now that a number of vendors have begun peddling similar products : which are worthiest of your time, money, and the ever-dwindling space in your stomach? Luckily, we’ve gone to the mat to determine the ultimate champions of chow in our first ever Smorgasburg Smackdown!