Governor Cuomo Wants Us To Know When Sewage Leaks Into New York Waters

Governor Cuomo has signed legislation forcing public sewage facilities to notify the public whenever they accidentally let loose sewage that hasn’t been adequately treated, or was not treated at all.

Apparently this happens somewhat often?

“New Yorkers have a right to know when potentially harmful, untreated sewage is discharged into waterways in their communities,” said Cuomo. “These new notification requirements will let the general public know when untreated sewage is released in water bodies, especially swimming beaches and fishing areas.”

So, what they’re saying that untreated sewage definitely does get into the water at “swimming beaches” sometimes. And we just haven’t really known. And every neurotic fear you’ve tried to push out of your mind on trips to New York beaches is actually very, very justified.

At least Cuomo is trying to do something about it, I guess. However, the legislation doesn’t go into effect until next May, so in the meantime, stay scared! Or just head over to the McCarren Pool, where at least you know immediately when renegade sewage hits the scene.


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