Low Fat Cheese: Manufacturers Struggle To Make It, Everyone Hates To Eat It

Eat me.

  • Eat me.

Any eater of food can tell you that low sodium and/or low fat cheese is a total fucking abomination that should never have come in to being, but did you know that it’s also really difficult to make?

Yeah, the diet cheese industry really is that lose-lose for literally everyone involved.

“When you take a lot of the fat out, essentially cheese will turn into eraser,” explained Dairy Research Institute president Gregory D. Miller.

You see, the dairy industry has major financial incentives to deliver low sodium and low fat cheese to our obese, perennially dieting nation, but it turns out salt and fat are essential ingredients to cheese’s very being. Salt preserves it and adds much of the flavor, while fat effects everything from flavor to texture to moisture levels to preservation to the cooking process itself.

“If you really want to make a bad cheese, make a low-fat, low-sodium one,” said one professor of dairy science.

Ironically, the problems worsen when it comes to processed cheese, such as American, which relies on double the sodium of, say, your average normal cheddar.

However, some manufacturers have recently pioneered an effective way of removing some of the fat from cheddar, rendering it “cheddar cheese product,” the flavor of which they claim is “actually excellent,” which I seriously doubt.

Can’t we all just keep eating regular cheese, but slightly less of it? No? Ok, just thought I’d ask.


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