“Nerd Bus” Makes It Easier for Nerds to Get Around Without Mom’s Help

Urkel would totally take the nerd bus.

  • Urkel would totally take the nerd bus.

Sen. Charles Schumer has asked the MTA to create what he calls a “nerd bus” to connect the booming Downtown Brooklyn tech neighborhood with other “nerdy” parts of the city.

The New York Post reports that Schumer, who the Post mentions “has also been called a nerd in the past,” has asked the MTA to extend a newly proposed bus route, which is supposed to run from DUMBO to the Navy Yard, all the way to Roosevelt Island where Cornell is building a new tech campus.

Schumer’s idea is that “the bus should run through Downtown Brooklyn, the Navy Yard and Long Island City, burgeoning high-tech hot spots where many companies are looking to locate. It should also run through Greenpoint and Williamsburg, where some of the techies can rub pocket-protectors with the hipsters.”

Yeah, that’s a direct quote. I don’t know who told Schumer to continuously reference both nerds and hipsters, but he did. And pocket protectors, for that matter. What real tech geek uses pens anymore?

MTA officials have not yet looked at Schumer’s proposal, but with Cornell’s new campus not looking to open until 2017, there ought to be plenty of time to figure it out.

In the meantime, we have five more years of Schumer’s nerd jokes to look forward to! Unless he doesn’t get re-elected or something. Because he loses the nerd vote.

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