A Look Inside “The Brooklyn Issue” of a 1974 New York News Magazine


While cleaning out their junk, my parents stumbled across an issue of New York News Magazine (whatever that is) from October 1974, a special issue dedicated to America’s fourth largest city—Brooklyn. Inside are priceless time-capsule glimpses of the past, from photographs of models and boarded-up homes to advertisements for malls and gentrification. We scanned the best of them to share with you here.



    I’m looking for a photo taken by a photographer July 19 or 20, 1974 in front of Madison Square Garden. The photographer had professional gear, including a huge light on a pole and someone had commented that he could be from The Village Voice.

    David Bowie was performing that evening. Larry Barney and I had been selling David Bowie Posters, but we could not afford tickets for the concert. After the posters were sold, we sat on a bench and the photographer approached us and asked permission to take our picture. Larry was wearing bell bottoms and I know I was wearing either cut-off shorts or bellbottoms, because that’s all I owned. My hair fell past my waist and Larry’s hair was also quite long.

    Larry was from Texas and I was from Wisconsin. We had traveled to New York with a group of young people, mostly from Texas and California. While they slept at a dive motel in New Jersey, I suggested to Larry that we explore New York. Larry had never been on a public bus, but prior to moving to a very small town in Wisconsin, I had lived in Chicago. So, I was bus savvy, and we made it to New York without a hitch. We spent the whole day walking around New York, and somehow managed to get to Madison Square Garden on time. The only thing we had to eat that day was a pretzel, we bought from a vendor. But, it was the best pretzel we had ever eaten! Selling posters was not very profitable for us, but seeing and breathing New York that day, was worth so much more than money.

    Larry returned to Texas and I to Wisconsin. I would be thrilled if the picture was published or some semblance of it was still in existence. If anyone has information, you can contact me at makelemonade100@yahoo.com


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