Man Shot in Williamsburg near Bedford Avenue

The blood-stained aftermath

  • The blood-stained aftermath

Children weren’t the only victims of gun violence over the weekend: on Friday night, a 24-year-old man was shot on North 9th Street near Bedford Avenue, the Post reports. He was hit three times in the leg and taken to Bellvue, where he was in critical condition but expected to survive, the Daily News adds.

While the dailies fished for quotes of disbelief—I mean, that’s where Pat Kiernan lives!—Gothamist found sources who report that the shooting spot has been a hotbed of drug dealing, and that such violence is not really shocking. “I grew up near East New York and so at first I was kind of surprised and startled by the violence and ugliness that happens here occasionally in ‘hipsterland,'” one resident told the website. “But living here for four years, I understand it all too well. Things like the shooting or McCarren scuffles happen on a smaller level every single day around here.”

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