NY1 Reporter Attacked, Has Snacks Stolen in Brooklyn


Well this is a little weird.

While reporting from Cobble Hill — where falling scaffolding caused the only known casualty from yesterday’s otherwise uneventful derecho NY1 reporter Vivian Lee was punched in the neck by a woman wearing sweatpants and a sheet.

This is what’s known in these parts as a “Brooklyn Hello.” Fun, right?

Not part of the Brooklyn Hello? Everything that happened prior to the punching. First, this disoriented mystery woman climbed into Lee’s news van, started putting on her makeup, and eating all her snacks. It was only when Lee told her to stop being such a goddamn weirdo (or probably just to please leave) that the woman started getting violent.

Thankfully, she was quietly arrested, Lee is unharmed, and that’s pretty much that. “It could’ve been worse,” said Lee. “This does happen to a lot of media people. I’m happy I’m standing to be able to tell you.”

So come one, come all, to what we promise is a very safe and wholesome borough! You’ll probably only get punched in the neck like once, twice at the most.



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