Going Whole-Hog: A Step-by-Step Guide to Roasting Your Own Pig This Summer


A lot of people have been piqued by the popularity of whole pig roasts — in restaurants such as The Breslin, or at special events such as Pig Island on Governors Island and Roberta’s Pizza’s whole animal roast party series. “I want to roast a pig in my backyard!” “My cousin wants to have a pig roast at his wedding!” “Where do you get a whole pig?” I’ve been hearing the likes of these comments all summer. But while there are few things more ceremonious than roasting a whole animal outdoors, in all of summer’s sunshine and sweaty glory, there are several things to consider before making a commitment to the task. So before you invite the whole gang over to dine on swine, here’s a rough guideline of how to pull off a whole pig roast in Brooklyn — land of not-so-plentiful outdoor space, perhaps, but of bottomless appetites.


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