Seven Countries in Seven Days, Without Ever Leaving Brooklyn

No vacation for you!

  • No vacation for you!

People go places in the summer. People go to far-away places. People go to beautiful, far-away places.

Good for them!

We are not going anywhere this summer, at least nowhere far away. But that’s totally cool because we don’t even need to leave Brooklyn to get all the exotic adventures that we can handle.

No, seriously. This is about to get really exotic.


  1. This made me giggle! I only have two non-malicious complaints: 1. The Brooklyn Flea Market has zero to do with, or resemblance to Paris (There must be something more Parisian in Brooklyn, although I did laugh about Phoenix) 2. Yes L.A. is stupid, but it’s still not a country. Otherwise this was cute. It made me miss Brooklyn while on my “exotic” vacation.


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