A 13-Year-Old Girl Was Beaten at McCarren Pool, Everything is Awful


  • Paul Martinka / New York Post

We may have just brought you our comprehensive timeline of problems at the McCarren Pool, but since then there’s been yet another fight, and it’s the worst one yet.

Instead of attacking cops, this time someone beat up a 13-year-old girl.

Eighth grader Sara Puk needed surgery for a broken nose after a group of girls jumped her and two friends outside the pool last Wednesday. “I’m going to hit you and I’m just going to walk away,” said a 16-year-old who has since received a desk-appearance ticket for misdemeanor assault.

Reportedly, the girls also posted a video of the incident, which has since been taken down, in which they could be seen laughing and taunting Puk after she started crying. Because really, what’s the point of even doing something awful these days if you’re not going to bother filming it and making it public?

Nevertheless, a parks spokeswoman told the Post, “Summertime skirmishes among kids are unfortunate but nothing new. The park and pool are safe.”

Maybe so. But maybe now people will stop laughing and walking away when I tell them my ideas about keeping teenagers safely removed from the general public at all times? Hmm?


  1. Remember when the pool was a music venue for hipsters? Everybody made fun of it, because hipsters are sooo lame, and then they got mad, saying the pool should serve the entire community. Well, now it does. Call me crazy, but I kind of preferred when you could go there and not get beaten up.


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