Get Your Wild Game On at BBQ Blowout Tonight


There’s not a whole lot of places in the city to taste a gator and venison sausage and smoked wild boar ribs while you boogie to deejay beats. But tonight, the BBQ Blowout series at Good Company will be featuring both for its second event of the summer. We’ve stolen a sneak peek at the full menu, and if that doesn’t give you the heebee jeebees, the event’s guest deejay will be the Chillwave party duo, CREEP.

Although their Berry St. restaurant is a classic rendition of the Texas smokehouse, with brisket, pulled pork and Wonder Bread, Mable’s Smokehouse plans to serve a unique feast of the following for BBQ Blowout:

Pheasant Skewers
Smoked Wild Boar Ribs
Preditor vs. Prey Sausage (with alligator and venison)
Red River Beans & Rice
Chilled Beet Salad

The husband-and-wife team Jeffrey Lutonsky and Meghan Love of Mable’s Smokehouse will be serving up the plates in person to field questions on their gamey entrees. $10 gets you a plate of wild game ‘cue along with a Brooklyn Brewery beer. VIP tickets for $20 get you all that and early entrance to the fete at 6:30pm sharp, so you don’t have to stand in a winding line for long. You’ll also get a tote bag, complimentary water and a raffle ticket for more prizes to be announced.

If all goes according to tradition for BBQ Blowout, now in its fifth consecutive year, there will be scattered thunderstorms, too. “We’ve had terrible luck with the weather,” conceded Darin and Greg Bresnitz of Finger on the Pulse on the series in an interview earlier this spring. Fortunately, the venue is well-prepared with patio tents, and the swampy scenario might be all the more fitting for the wild-hunted menu theme. Bring your poncho and iron stomach for this one.

Tickets for the BBQ Blowout at Good Company are available here.


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