A 3-Year-Old Was Mugged This Weekend in Bed-Stuy

Did everybody have a great weekend? Ready to feel terrible about the world again now that it’s Monday?

Okay, here you go: somebody mugged a 3-year-old in Bed-Stuy last week.

Per the New York Post, a “cruel thug” followed a family back to their Bed-Stuy apartment building from a local laundromat and snatched a $400 gold chain off of 3-year-old Harvey Hernandez while his mom reportedly screamed “let go of my baby!”

We’ll hold off on the obvious questions about why a toddler would be wearing jewelry expensive enough to cover most of my rent, because think of the children.

Plus, Harvey and his 13-year-old brother, who witnessed the incident, are now reportedly too scared to go outside at all, and the family plans on moving out of the neighborhood.

And here I thought muggers were supposed to observe some kind of unspoken “Gentleman’s Code” about these things. Or at least not attack babies.


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