The Weekender: What To Wear To Your Bastille Day Bash


The unspoken rule when it comes to holidays not our own is that if it includes daytime drinking, it’s worth adopting. See St. Patrick’s Day, or its classier counterpart, Bastille Day. The July 14th fete honors the storming of the French fortress-prison—and, more broadly, the country’s 18th century uprising—but today it’s morphed into an excuse to play petanque and gorge on steak frites. There are plenty of ways to celebrate it in the borough, but if you’re dead-set on fitting in some can-can, you’ll want to stop by Dekalb Market for their Bastille Day Bash. There will be live music, a photo booth, and—yes—a baguette eating contest. Here’s what to wear if you can’t find your beret.



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