Dog Food Cooking Classes Come To Brooklyn. Of Course.


Say what you will about the “recession” or “no one being able to find jobs,” but if the lifestyles of wealthy dogs are any kind of indicator, we’re all going to be just fine.

On the heels of that record-setting $250,000 dog wedding, Brooklyn Kitchen has announced a series of dog food cooking classes. It’s about time we hipped all these lame, behind-the-times dogs to the foodie trend!

“Our dogs love kale and the fava beans we just harvested,” said Rick Woodford, who goes by the self-given nickname “Dog Food Dude.” “I’d rather give a dog a carrot than a milk bone any day.”

Naturally, Woodford also has a cookbook of treats for the refined, organically inclined dog (Feed Your Best Friend Better) such as turkey “muttloaf.” “Cooking for a dog is much like cooking for a diabetic child or a partner with heart disease,” said Woodford, adding, “How can it be pampering if you’re just feeding them real food? It should not be a crime to give a dog a carrot.”

“Dogs are people too,” chimed in Brooklyn Kitchen co-owner Taylor Erkkinen.

Normally I’d be inclined to mock or at least point to the basic factual inaccuracy of such a statement, but as an avid supporter of dogs in clothes and/or costumes, it is not my place here to judge.