Brooklyn Bargains: $7 for a Burger, Beer and Fries at Lonestar Bar and Grill


Ever since the humble hamburger was appropriated for the fancypants set—complete with Kobe patties, brioche buns, and bloated prices skyward of $15 or (much, much) more, it can be easy to forget the visceral, unapologetic pleasures of a burger of indiscriminate origin, sided with a greasy pile of potatoes and a pint of icy cold beer—micro brews need not apply.

Luckily, Lonestar Bar and Grill in Bay Ridge excels at the former equation, offering up a kick-ass combo of beer, burger and fries for a paltry $7 combined. The deal is good from M-Th, 11am-9pm. Talk about a Happy Hour that keeps on giving and giving.

The charcoal grilled, 10 oz sirloin patty is perfectly smoky and dribble-down-your-chin juicy, and it comes perched on a pillowy poppy-seed bun. We like ours medium-rare, with a side of nubby sweet potato fries (carnival-style curlies and regular French are also an option), and a tall glass of Blue Moon. Considering the price, you might as well go big-baller and top your burger with a few $1 extras�€�.we strongly suggest blue cheese, sautéed onions and bacon. And you’re still only parting with a ten-spot!

Add in the ultra-chill accommodations—dartboards, amiable bartenders, and a 250 capacity backyard that assures you’ll never have to jockey for position or throw elbows to score a prime table—and you’ve just described a slice of blue-collar heaven on earth.

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