8 Ways To Become A Brooklyn Street Style Star


If you’re starting to get the feeling that you’re being judged, you probably are—and it’s probably Monsieur Jerome who is doing the judging. As the latest addition to the Brooklyn Magazine team—he’s our resident street style photographer—Jerome is making a habit out of patrolling the streets of Brooklyn in search of the borough’s most stylish denizens.

According to him, finding subjects isn’t hard at all: “Brooklyn is where new habits are created; its diversity, cheaper living, and unpolished attitude are making it a giant laboratory.” Since moving to New York from Paris four years ago, and then officially launching his website MonsieurJerome.com in December, the photographer continues to be impressed by what he sees. “In Europe, you care about being elegant, [whereas] New York is more about who you think you are, regardless of the rules,” he says, adding, “People here are so energetic, creative, sometimes crazy, but more than anything else, unique in their dress.”

Of course, as street style becomes a more accepted concept—with some photographers (please, we don’t name names here at Brooklyn Magazine) it’s become practically scripted—so too does the desire to be among the pretty faces captured by a photographer. Because really, how else can you determine your self-worth if not with the judgment of someone else? So to help you up your chances of catching Monsieur Jerome’s eye, we’ve grilled him for his not-totally-serious guide to becoming Brooklyn’s first street style star.


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