Woman’s Leg Goes Right Through Coney Boardwalk

A hole in the boardwalk, ca. 2007

  • A hole in the boardwalk, ca. 2007

While walking down by the Parachute Jump yesterday, a woman’s leg went right through the Boardwalk and became stuck, the Post reports. “Emergency crews” were required to free her. Advocates of a wooden boardwalk lashed out at the city for failing to maintain it, and for allowing officials to drive heavy vehicles on it.

Such advocates were disappointed in March when the parks department allowed for a section of the boardwalk in Brighton Beach to be replaced with plastic and concrete. Some of the boardwalk’s current problems date at least to 1994, when the Army Corps of Engineers replenished the eroding beach, pushing sand up underneath the wooden walkway, which over the years absorbed rainwater and helped rot the wood.

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