American Apparel Hires Oldest-Ever Model for New “Advanced” Line


On the heels of a Pride campaign featuring openly transgender model (and former ANTM cast member) Isis King, American Apparel has released an unexpected series of ads for its new “Advanced Basics” line, featuring Jacky, an actual model of “advanced” age, for lack of a better way to put it.

Tapping into a new (and in hindsight, pretty obvious) consumer base for its stretchy, comfortable cotton basics, the powers that be at AA say they discovered Jacky—whose actual age and last name are not being publicized at the moment—in a New York restaurant. Reportedly, she is also a former actress, with credits including the Honey I Shrunk the Kids TV show and Night Court.

We could do without the unnecessary cloak of secrecy and the perfunctory crotch shot, but still. Reasonably tasteful ads? Nothing overtly objectionable going on? Dov, we hardly knew ye.


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