“I’m Still Calling it Atlantic-Pacific” Tee


The MTA recently renamed the “Atlantic Avenue-Pacific Street” subway station, where nine train lines cross, “Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center” after a deal with developer Forest City Ratner, which pays $200,000 a year for the rights. But nativist activists unhappy with the coming stadium now have a t-shirt to display their outraged pride, the Atlantic Yards Report reports. Deborah Goldstein, sister of Develop Don’t Destroy founder Daniel Goldstein, designed the shirt, which reads, “I’m Still Calling it Atlantic Pacific.”

“You can tear the buildings down, and run folks out of town, and spin your tales of heroism,” the website reads. “Billionaires come, and billionaires go. Names change, streets are bulldozed, neighborhoods divided, but these coordinates remain the same. Change is great, destruction ain’t. When the name becomes Atlantic/Housing Way we might sing a sweeter tune. You can call it the Barclay’s whatever, but I’m Still Calling it Atlantic Avenue Pacific Street!”

They’re $14 each, and should be ready to ship by July 7.

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