The 10 Most Underrated Restaurants in Brooklyn

Petit Oven

It would have been easy for classically trained chef Katarzyna Ploszaj—formerly of the Jean George Vongerichten-owned JoJos on the UES—to open up her own restaurant on Smith Street, say, or somewhere along Fifth Avenue in Park Slope. Instead, she took a gamble on her own neighborhood of Bay Ridge, opening a miniscule (barely 30-seat) jewel of a French-American eatery on 276 Bay Ridge Ave. just under five years ago. It turns out the gamble paid off. Petit Oven has since become a haven for local foodies in the know—who obediently turn up on Wednesdays for the three course, $25 prix fixe, on Thursdays for the all-you-can-eat, $19 moules and frites, and just about anytime for a wedge of homemade warm bread pudding with walnuts and salty caramel.

276 Bay Ridge Ave, Bay Ridge


  1. Wherever it is, my husband and I will find out. Thanks so much for sharing the list — quite a few will be on our summer 2012 “must check out” list.

  2. Geez – When the hell will Brooklyn Magazine realize that Brooklyn continues south of Park Slope. Not a single restaurant from the heart of Brooklyn.

  3. surprised by walden’s inclusion on here. i like them okay and have been a couple of times but since they took the meatballs off of the menu, its nothing special — if anything, i feel like its the opposite of the reviewer’s thoughts: gimmick > simplicity. service is super slow, food is always too something… cheesy, salty, or just lacking (e.g., their pickled vegetables tasted like they had sat in brine for maybe a few hours at best). there’s plenty of other good spots in the neighborhood that usually have an open seat (brooklyn star, lighthouse, etc) as long as its not 8pm on a friday.


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