How to Celebrate National Bourbon Day in Brooklyn


Duh, it’s Flag Day. And when all that banner-waving dries out your throat, why not imbibe with a local bourbon? Today is National Bourbon Day, the Carroll Gardens Patch reports, and Brooklyn has its fair share of ways to celebrate with the stuff, from a local producer to the lots and lots of bars with fancy bourbon cocktails—even one that offers a glass of what’s likely the borough’s most expensive spirit.

+ The Kings County Distillery makes its own bourbon, available in liquor stores throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan and slightly beyond. The award-winning corn whiskey is produced at the company’s Navy Yard distillery, the city’s oldest (even though it’s only two years old). Here’s a list of retailers.

+ South Brooklyn has many cocktail bars with a special bourbon cocktail, from In the Cards at Clover Club to The Boulevardier at Battersby. See a list of bars and their bourbon-based drinks at the Carroll Gardens Patch.

+ Our editor-in-chief once recommended stopping by Williamsburg’s Hotel Delmano for a bourbon and coke—provided you also bring along a copy of Barry Hannah’s Airships. What better day to take him up on it?

+ Feeling well-heeled? Char No. 4 on Smith Street in Cobble Hill offers a $100/ounce bourbon from Martin Mills, an “extremely rare 24-year-old liquor with complex butterscotch notes,” the Brooklyn Paper reports. As of February, no one had ever ordered it. What better time to claim firsties than National Bourbon Day?

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