Windsor Terrace to Become a Food Desert

Windsor Terrace’s only supermarket, a Key Food on Prospect Avenue, will close at the end of the month when its 80-year-old owner retires. It’ll be replaced by a Walgreen’s, making the neighborhood a food desert.

Fairway, the super-supermarket in Red Hook, has devised a clever idea (straight from the playbook of its neighbor, Ikea) to capitalize on the neighborhood’s loss—it’ll run a free shuttle from the site of the old Key Food to its cavernous location on the waterfront, the Daily News reports. The bus, which should run at least once a week, will be targeted to seniors, but available to anyone. “Anything is better than nothing,” an 85-year-old man told the paper. “When you get older, it’s nice to have somebody drive you there and bring you back.” That’s nice at any age, mister!

This is the second time a local Key Food closed and turned into a Walgreen’s; the same thing happened in Bay Ridge in 2008. But Bay Ridge got a farmer’s market on weekends in the pharmacy’s parking lot, as well as a new Key Food about 1.5 miles away. Bay Ridge also has a bunch of other supermarkets. But I might be willing to give them all up for a Fairway shuttle!

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