Brooklyn’s Latest Occupy: Occupy Kensington

An Occupy Brooklyn rally last year

  • An Occupy Brooklyn rally last year

Twelve people gathered last weekend for the first meeting of Occupy Kensington, an activist group that plans to focus on local issues—like the lack of indoor and outdoor space in Kensington; the group convened at a park in neighboring Windsor Terrace, the Windsor Terrace-Kensington Patch reports. During the 90-minute meeting, the members touched on other subjects: the G train extension, Golden Farm (a local grocery that owes its workers back wages), overcrowded schools and underfunded libraries.

The group was founded by Eleanor Rodgers, a receptionist and mother of two; she told the Patch that the meeting brought together a healthy demographic mix. “There were four older people who have lived in the neighborhood for 15 to 20 years—community-type people—and six people who were 30-and-under with no kids, who had done stuff with Occupy Wall Street,” she said. “So it’s bringing together these two groups of people who have this political engagement but from different perspectives.”

Neighborhood-specific protest groups have sprouted up across the borough, including Occupy Bushwick and Occupy Sunset Park.

For more information about Occupy Kensington, contact Rodgers at

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