Obama Used to Live in Park Slope

The Obama brownstone, ca. 1983-1988, around the time he would have lived there. From NYCs Tax-Photo Archive.

Among the juicy bits of gossip we’ve learned from Girlfriendgate—such as who is (white girlfriend) and who is not (Michelle) a composite character—comes this bombshell: Barack Obama lived for a time in a brownstone in Park Slope. He and then-girlfriend Genevieve Cook shared a top-floor apartment on Second Street, off of Prospect Park West (the same block where Jonathan Safran Foer currently resides), the Times reports. They moved in toward the end of 1984. The current owners were shocked at the news, and as they led a Times reporter up to the old apartment, one stopped to wonder, “Is it possible that Barack walked on these stairs?” OMG, YES! He probably touched the walls too!

Obama is also said to have jogged in Prospect Park, which makes the whole park magical.

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