New Outerborough Taxis: Apple-, Brooklyn-, or Booger-Colored?

I have a friend who used to drive classic-model Lincolns and sometimes, idling at a curb, waiting for a friend, a stranger would hop into his backseat and start issuing directions. Now that the city has made it legal for car services in the outerboroughs and upper Manhattan to pick up passengers off the street, the situation for Lincoln drivers is only going to get worse. But it might also get worse for another group of people—those who own bright green cars.

The city unveiled its new line of outerborough taxis, which are green—in contrast to Manhattan’s (and the rest of the world’s?) iconic yellow.

WNYC reported a range of reactions:

The mayor called the vibrant shade “attractive” and “distinctive” adding, “It’s easy on the eyes and easy to pick out from a distance in traffic and that’s going to help customers.”

“I think that green matches the leafier nature of the boroughs, as opposed the office towers of midtown,” said [the TLC Commissioner] …

“It’s ok. It doesn’t look like a cab,” said [one 38-year-old onlooker] as his daughter chimed in, “It looks booger-colored.”

Taiwo Whetstone, 30, gasped at the green hue. “Oh, my! That’s really bright. Bright green. I mean it seems like the Brooklyn version of a taxi cab,”

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