Perpetual Mociun

We’ve long had a thing for Brooklyn designer Caitlin Mociun’s wonderful aesthetic, with prints that somehow managed to occupy a space between Paul Klee, Peter Max and Joan Miro while being instantly recognizable as her own. So we admit to being pretty bummed to have heard she was moving away from clothing and focusing on jewelry. With a pang in our hearts, we asked her about the switch. “As I started to play around with the jewelry, I found that it allowed me a freedom in my designs that I didn’t feel with the clothing.” Jewelry-making has also allowed Mociun to up her already impressive eco-local cred: “The casters I use are mainly scrapped gold, and most of the diamonds I source are from antique rings. Because all the pieces I make are made from precious metals and stones, nothing is wasted. Even small scraps of gold are swept up and used again. This is another reason I like making jewelry—there is very little waste.” And don’t worry, the fabrics aren’t totally disappearing: “I am continuing to design textiles. The store I am opening will have cut yardage of my prints for sale.” Phew.

Photo Civan Ozkanoglu


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